Pests that attack trees

One more article in which we will refer to the different pests of fruit trees.

These are small insects that only measure a few millimeters. They are dedicated to chop the leaves causing discolorations that generate a subsequent fall. They do not usually occur in trees. In some cases it is necessary to perform a treatment but in other cases it is not.

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<p style=Red spider (Tetranychus urticae)
These are small red spiders that are easily seen. They sit mostly upside down from the leaves. They generate fine cobwebs with small red mites. They appear in dry and warm climates, so it is normal to see them during the summer. They do not develop in places with humid climate, for that reason, when they want to avoid or eliminate it is enough to spray with a little water.

The red spider creates a yellowish appearance and yellow dots on the leaves which cause them to dry out and fall off. Sometimes thin cobwebs appear. It is a typical pest in the hot and dry season.

The red spider causes a yellowish appearance and yellow or brown dots; They are then embraced, dried and dropped. Sometimes fine cobwebs are appreciated. Typical summer pest due to heat and dryness.

The mite comes to attack fruit trees, citrus and vines. Being quite harmful in these trees.

When you have eliminated it, we advise you to remove weeds from the plot as they take refuge in that place. Avoid the consumption of nitrogen fertilizer since it is favorable for this pest.

To avoid creating resistance to pesticides, do not treat preventively except when the pest is seen, alternating the active substances.

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Fruit pests (III)

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