Pet bed made with pallet

Hello everyone, today I leave you with a natural and rustic idea, to make a pallet .. a great bed for your pets.

You have Cats or Dogs? Surely they love a soft and soft place, where to rest or frolic!

If your pets usually like to walk around the yard or the patio, you can add a similar bed outside. In summer they sure love it!

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<p>This idea is great because, in addition to giving your pet a good bed to rest, you will be recycling <strong>wood</strong>.</p>
<p>This, specifically, the one we see in the photograph is taken from a <strong>pallet</strong>. As you see it has been great!</p>
<p>I love that rustic air that it gives off, thanks to the use of <strong>wood</strong>, as a structure of the whole set.</p>
<p>Made as a small drawer, you can fill it inside with <strong>blankets</strong> or a foam mattress and on this sheets .. etc.</p>
<p>You can also add a cushion or some <strong>toy</strong> with whom you like to sleep. You don't need to touch the base of the pallet, unless you want to make a smaller drawer.</p>
<p>You just have to put some wood around it, so it will also help you decorate it on the outside .. in this case with a nice <strong>heart</strong>you know I also see a certain air <strong>vintage</strong>.</p>
<p>You can use <strong>pallets</strong> for many things from seats, sofas, shelves, tables … to nice beds for your pets.</p>
<p>Times are complicated, so it's better <strong>save money</strong> As you can. Recycling some items will not hurt at all!</p>
<p>If you like the idea, I hope you make a nice <strong>bed</strong> For your pet.</p>
<p>Remember that they cheer us up every day and love us unconditionally. Try to have a good life and if you need a good life <strong>veterinarian</strong>Do not hesitate to look for it.</p>
<p>I know that the economy is not for many expenses, so I recommend for those who live in Spain, in Malaga, the <strong>AVETMA Veterinary Clinic</strong>.</p>
<p>They have a very nice and humane treatment. They help pets really well and without leaving you any money in vain. The <strong>Dr. Juan</strong> Antonio González Molino and Dr. Mónica Navarro Mármol will be delighted.</p>
<p>The address of AVETMA is: c / <strong>Demosthenes</strong>, 3 – Urb. <strong>THE CONCUL</strong>.. Tel: 952615502</p>
<p>You will also find another query in <strong>San Andres</strong> (<strong>Malaga</strong>) Tel: 639690804</p>
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