Photo Ornamental plant - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Photo Ornamental plant – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good Morning! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about Photo, a beautiful plant that we can use as an ornamental plant.

If you need a plant to decorate an interior space, remember that they do not need to be devoted as much time as the outdoor plants … this does not mean that we have to neglect them, much less.

But the important thing, for indoor plants, will be to know the care they require for their good development. In this case we talk about a vigorous Photo.

If you have one of them, it will be better to grow it perhaps as a hanging plant instead of on the ground or another surface .. in this way we can decorate any room beautifully. Ideally, the room is not cold and if it can be in a humid environment.

We can also spray, in the absence of this, the leaves of the Photo with warm water. We will do this every day … and try not to take cold water.

Remember well that this plant does not tolerate a direct sun, so we can place it in a bright place but without direct sunlight.

If the room is not well lit, we can find out why the leaves will begin to lose color and hence their loss of general attractiveness.

The best times to proceed to pruning the stems of the plant, will be in the hottest months of the year, that is, in both spring and summer you can prune the stems that have grown in excess.

Remember that the stems we have cut can also be used to reproduce the plant again and will easily develop in a bowl of water.

Pay your Photo once a week using a common fertilizer, for indoor plants. This way you will grow strong and robust.

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