Pin-table, the table that sticks

Pin-table, the table that sticks

Good morning to all! Today we present a product that more than one of you will love. It is a practical and functional table, which we can relocate at any time and move it wherever we want in a plis!

If you are going to decorate your garden or have an important event, you will surely love Pin – table! This table has a particular design, but its great characteristic is neither the shape, nor the color … but the way of locating in the places.

Pin – table it is not a table Anyone, this table just sticks in! Ideal for gardens and beach, its great giant pushpin shape is the most sympathetic.

This protractable surface is designed for the hot seasons, for the beach, garden … as a light and functional furniture that will help us at certain times, banishing the heavy folding tables that we can still have somewhere.

With the name of pin – table, it is a surface prepared and designed to be nailed in sand, earth and the like. Like the umbrella that we take to the beach, with this type of table we do the same thing … yes, try to prick it well that we already know that it usually happens with umbrellas.

Well anchored to the ground is perfect as a side table for example next to a deck chair while we drink alone or a referring drink. If you want to know more, we tell you that Pin – table has been designed by Andreas Engesvik … a nice pushpin design for the Menu firm.

The dimensions of this table are 40 cm in diameter and its price is not too expensive. We can get our Pin – table in five different colors. This nice table can be found in some online stores like Connox or Panix for about 100 euros, anyway you will arrive in Spain.

To put it in an interior or terrace, we simply add a foot and we already have it secured.

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