Decora tu jardín con una bonita casa de pájaros

Place a bird house in your garden

With the arrival of summer the gardens are the environments we use the most. Especially if your garden is surrounded by trees, plants, birds and lots of nature. The feeling of spending time outdoors is an experience you should not miss. If you have that possibility, you should feel privileged, get the most revenue possible.

In your garden you can create your own space. There are some accessories that you can add so that the place is comforting and with your own style. Always remember to take care of the small details in the garden, one of the accessories that can become essential is a birdhouse.

Enjoying the sound of birds is wonderful, thanks to this feeling we can increase the levels of relaxation that we are looking for so much during the summer. So you must get down to work and search through the different options of houses. The simplest and least decorative is to look for a natural cavity in some tree and put in it seeds and a water trough, you will see that with the passing of the day a little bird approaches and in gratitude he will give you his song.

If you enjoy making crafts or if you have children to share that moment you can encourage make a bird house of wood. For that you will need some wood slats and appropriate glue. The most complicated part will be to assemble the structure, since you have to cut the slats with a saw. If you wish you can buy a house that is ready and only decorate it.

You can paint it with the kids, using different colors. If you want you can wallpaper it or entertain it with pieces of cloth or clothes that you no longer use. To finish the decoration you can place some cute bow on your roof.

A greener idea is to create a birdhouse using a recycled tetrabick. You can use the juice or milk of a liter. These containers can be painted with acrylics easily. But remember to make them an omen so that the birds can enter.

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