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We will give you some tips to plant or sow a new lawn. The first thing you should do is know the ground where you are going to place it. It is essential that the drainage, you must choose an area that does not get too wet.

You should also know the Ph of the soil, if your soil has a Ph too high or too low you should rectify it before. As for the topsoil, keep in mind that sometimes you must fill with soil where you want to place the new lawn.

A minimum layer of topsoil that must have a lawn to live with 10 centimeters thick. The more topsoil you have, the better.

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<p style=We will tell you the steps you must follow to implant grass from scratch.

Install the irrigation network that is fully automated, this is very useful before planting the lawn. This will prevent the use of hoses. If we are referring to costs, obviously this system is more expensive, but much more effective and in the long run you will be more satisfied with the results.

In this type of irrigation you will only need to schedule the irrigation.

If necessary, install a drainage network. Although it is not always necessary in clay soils or that receive a lot of water, problems can occur, causing the soil to frost and the grass to rot.

You must avoid the appearance of weeds. In case they appear you can kill them with substances such as glyphosate, there are also other total herbicides, but the one mentioned above is the most used.

When the herbicide has killed the herbs it is advisable to till the soil, remember to wait at least two weeks for it to take effect. In some cases it is advisable to make an organic amendment, such as manure, mulch or peat. This generates that improve the earth or that is improved in drainage in soils that are very clayey.

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