Place plants on your terrace

We will continue talking about the plants that you can place on your terrace or balcony.

Hoya or wax flowers. This plant has beautiful colorful flowers that will help make your terrace look very cheerful. They can be placed in a pot or in a hanging basket. This species needs a lot of light for its growth, otherwise it will not be able to bloom. If you are in the right place you will be surprised to bloom more than once a year.

The hole has an important reserve of water in the leaves, during the winter you should not overdo it with the irrigation. It is essential to let the land dry between irrigation and irrigation.

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<p style=The ixora is a plant that reaches between 40 centimeters and the meter high. Flowering occurs during the summer, with yellow, orange or red flowers. They do not adapt well to cold climates. They develop better where the environment is humid, for your best growth we advise you to make periodic sprays on the leaves. During the summer you will need abundant watering.

The Mandevilla or Dipladenia It is a plant that is characterized by rapid growth. It has beautiful flowers with an original trumpet shape, its perfume is very nice and soft. If you want the plant to develop correctly we advise you to place a tutor or a guide, you must do it before it grows too much, since then it will be very complicated to do so.

You can place different plants with flowers of various colors to give your terrace a beautiful decoration.

Begonia is a species that is characterized by having leaves with an intense greenIt is also easy to grow. It can be considered as a semi-shrubby plant, reaching 1.50 meters high. It has small flowers that appear throughout the year in areas with hot climates.

It is essential that you have a lot of humidity and keep the soil always moist.

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