Place plants on your terrace

We will give you some tips so you can have flower plants on their terraces, especially if it is located in the semi shade.

It is not necessary that you have a large land or a giant terrace so you can enjoy flowering plants, only a corner will be necessary to enjoy all its color throughout the year.

You can place plants of different sizes and sizes, in addition to using different decorative resources such as pots of different materials, planters, hanging cetas, so you will give your space a special charm.

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<p style=One of the plants that you can place on a terrace with semi shade is the Anthurium, It has the advantage of blooming throughout the year, it only needs hot and humid temperatures. It has large and bright bracts that make it very decorative. It reaches 60 centimeters in height and can be grouped among other plants that have flowers. Remember to place this plant in the air currents.

During the summer days you have to wet its leaves in case the temperature is too high.

Another floor that can be placed on your terrace or balcony is the Fuchsia, A species that has beautiful hanging flowers, you can find flowers in different shades such as roses, cream and fuchsia. It blooms from spring to autumn, uninterruptedly, in some cases it can bloom until winter. It is very important to water it with lime-free water and in large quantities during the vegetation season, in winter very little water should be irrigated since it is the resting time of the plant, in which it loses its leaves.

The Hebe or Veronica It is a medium sized shrub, very easy to grow. Its leaves have very beautiful nuanced tones. It blooms in early summer or during fall, depending on its variety.

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