Plant. Bear Garlic - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Plant. Bear Garlic – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decor and Gardens we will talk about Garlic of the Bear, so you can pick up another idea for crops at home or abroad.

This beautiful plant is known by the name or names of Bear Garlic, bears garlic .. but its scientific name, by which we can find it is Alliuj Ursinum.

This plant can be found in rather humid places like the north of Spain, some wet areas of Europe and Asia.

The Garlic of Bear is a plant belonging to the family of the AMaryllidadceas. The leaves it has are herbaceous perennial and also very aromatic.

The leaves are born from the bulb in elliptical, elongated and green and some brighter.

This plant has beautiful flowers that are born in spring. The flowers of the Garlic of Bear plant are a beautiful white color.

A plant that will be ideal to have it in the kitchen, thanks to its aroma … in addition to providing an ambience at home, we can use it for many things … it is a plant with many properties.

This plant is not too big, its development usually reaches a height of 30 cm. It is also a plant that adapts easily to wet soils, although it can also be done in somewhat dry soils.

Remember that in order for it to develop optimally, its thing is to grow them in soils that are rich in nutrients and with a PH greater than 5. ’

Bear Garlic likes the shade more, so be careful not to give the sun directly for a long time.

Remember that we have to maintain an average temperature, which does not make extremes such as hot or cold … otherwise it would die easily at extreme temperatures.

The plant is indicated for both medicinal and culinary treatments. It is very good for the stomach, for diarrhea, for insomnia … among many others.

In addition we can eat it in oil, in salads, in soups and other delicious foods .. use it together with other condiments. You can also use the leaves to dress.

As a final fact, we comment that its name comes because … it smells like rich garlic …!

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