Plant care advice -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in our space we always want to continue providing the best advice on plants and natural decoration.

In this way we leave you with some great tips to keep our ornamental plants in the best possible way.

Sometimes we neglect the pots a bit, but life is sometimes getting so busy. Anyway here we leave you these great tips that will help us beautify the plants properly.

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<p style=Following the thread of the previous article, today we leave you with other great basic tips to keep the plants in perfect condition.

Remember that for any plant it is very good to prune them from time to time … especially heal broken or broken stems. If you have broken stems with a little hot wax, cover the area and thus prevent the stem from losing water through the cut.

Some insects can be frightened, certain pests avoided such as ants that are deadly to some plants. An idea is to place aromatic herbs such as jasmine or oregano.

If you see parasites or some type of plague try to get some specific products for aphids for example and other invaders! There are some very small or that affect the root, we can see this in the leaves and in the appearance of the plant.

An economic idea is to drive matches with the head down, so sulfur can help in this activity.

Finally we tell you that all plants are not equal, there are things they have in common, but the degree of each of them such as water, type of lighting, temperature … are different. Choose the species that best suits your pace of life.

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