Plant Lily

Good morning friends, today we will talk in this article about how plant Lilies in our garden

Being in spring we are many who want to have our areas of Exterior well conditioned.

Within the outdoor areas I include the yard, patio, a terrace, a porch or a nice balcony ..

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<p>No matter how big these spaces are, they can all be decorated in a very beautiful way.</p>
<p>Today we would like to learn how to plant Azucenas, so here are some small tips.</p>
<p>Azucena plants are delicious, beautiful colors and beautiful shapes .. the truth is that they are very beautiful plants to decorate with them and do so by planting them in the garden.</p>
<p>In addition I have to say that the Lilies are difficult to grow, if you are going to do it you should know where you are. A good idea is to find information about it and so we will know what we are doing.</p>
<p>The Azucena is a plant of bulbous origin, the piece or portions that remain of the stem found underground or underground can produce roots. This is what differentiates this plant from other bulbous plants.</p>
<p>If you want to know if you can plant lilies in a pot, the answer is yes … but from here I tell you that where they will best develop and grow it will be in a good soil.</p>
<p>Think about the weather conditions you have in your place of residence, whether or not the sun is shining in the garden and what your soil is like.</p>
<p>The land, where we want to plant Azucenas must be very spongy and enriched with abundant fertilizer. You can also add plenty of mulch.</p>
<p>It is important, when planting Azucenas, that deep plants … at least 15 cm deep.</p>
<p>As there is little time left, I only tell you that there are many different types of lily plants.</p>
<p>The most current ones have fewer problems, but if you choose an older species they usually have more viral diseases.</p>
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