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Plant support tips

We continue to recommend the different supports or tutors that you can use to help in the growth of your plants.

The back supports are a kind of fabric. You can find them in different materials, such as plastic, wood, bamboo, they come in different sizes. They are ideal for use by climbing plants that have thin and long stems, including species such as Cissus, Plumbago, Dipladenia.

As the talos grow it will be necessary to tie it to the back using thin wires, clamps or wires. It is convenient to use them when the plants are very small and easy to handle. Be careful not to detract from the roots when you place or sink them in the ground.

Another option when choosing the supports for the plants you can choose a cane tutor. They are characterized by being thin. They are very useful to tie the stems that are flexible and long, keep in mind that this support does not support too much weight and it is necessary to tie the stems to them.

Cane tutors are widely used to keep orchid flowers upright. You should attach the stem to the tutor using plastic clamps or thin wires. There are cane tutors of different lengths and thicknesses.

And finally we will refer to The frames of hoops. It is a plastic structure that is widely used in nurseries and garden centers for plants that have a dense and very fast growth. Thanks to them, the bushes will remain compact, keeping the stems upright, preventing the tender stems from arching and breaking at their own weight.

The rings are usually made of plastic with different height and circumference sizes. The fabric is attached by anchoring to the edge of the pot.

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