Planta del Dinero -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Planta del Dinero -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Hello and good morning everyone! In today's space we will talk about a known plant, the Money Plant or also called, Dollar Plant wave Millionaire Plant.

We will dedicate two spaces to talk about this wonderful plant, which everyone knows from ears, but many of us do not know how it is.

The plant is sometimes better known by the name, than by its image, although if we had to imagine how it is … it could have the leaves as 500 euros bills … and although this will not happen, we comment that it is a very aromatic plant and beautiful to have it both indoors and outdoors … for example in the garden, the terrace, the balcony ..

But far from reality, this fantastic plant has rounded leaves and a great intense green color… in addition its flowers are a beautiful bluish – violet tone. It usually enters the flowering season between autumn and winter. For those who have never had this plant we tell you that it is said or believed that it brings fortune and abundance, in addition its flowers give off a very pleasant aroma.

A great plant that will help us decorate any corner of our home … yes, try not to let the direct sun … Do not expose your money plant in full sun, it would be harmful.

Of course, we can put them in beautiful pots, although they will grow down .. since they are hanging plants. In this way we can decorate almost anywhere we place it.

Although they are able to be converted into crawling plants, when they are planted in the ground for example from the garden … in this way they will develop and cover the entire terrestrial space in a short time.

In the next space we will continue talking about this lovely plant, we hope it has been of interest to you and you may wish to decorate your favorite rooms with one of them!

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