Planta del Dinero -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Planta del Dinero -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to continue with the great theme of the previous space, the Fortune Plant.

We have seen what type of leaves it has and what are its best known names … in this way today we explain where to put it and how to water it …

The money plant adapts easily to the outside, so place it in the shade or put a nice roof so that it does not give them the sun.

As we have said before, it is a plant that adapts very well both outdoors and indoors … a good solution to decorate all your interiors. Although the sun should not give it directly, it is very good that it receives light.

When we go to water it, remember to do it only once a week in the cold season, and if the soil is very dry we can dig a little with our hands to see if … the earth, inside, can be wet from the cold or rain … we can also check this on the plant itself, it is known if black spots appear on the leaves.

On the other hand, in hot weather like summer … we will have to water the money plant about three times a week.

When we find it dirty, we can clean it well with a brush or a duster to remove accumulated dust .. but we can also carefully pass a damp cloth and gently pass it on the inside and outside of the leaves.

Something very important is not to spray this type of plant with water, because we can wilt all the leaves … so be careful! Finally you can plant a cut and from there you will have another fortune plant and we hope that it will be so.

We hope you liked it and maybe you can fix that favorite corner of your home including some plants and among them the Money. Luck!

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