Cómo plantar y cuidar una planta de aloe vera

Planting and care aloe vera plant

In this article we will provide some tips for you to plant and care for Aloe Vera plantOne of the plants that we see in homes. Remember that this is a plant with many properties, it is recognized by the good effects it offers, especially burns. That's why we advise you to have one.

This is a plant whose leaves are fleshy. Inside its leaves has a lot of water. a plant that does not require much care, needs very little irrigation and the soil is slightly dry is characterized by. All we remember is not exposed to very cold areas as it can get to freeze.

When you go to plant you can get in specialized stores a special substrate for succulents or cactus. This substrate mixture with the land where you will place. If you are going to use sand remember not to use the beach because it will not make you good.

Ideally, use gravel to aerate the soil and thus prevent water from collecting, the Aloe Vera plant dies if on waterlogged soils. If you're going to use their leaves to heal a short burn smaller leaves to avoid damaging the plant.

With regard to basic care must place the plant in a bright place, where it will receive direct sunlight. During the summer season should be outdoors in winter if it is very cold must be protected so that it will not freeze.

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