Plants. El Jasmine – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decor and gardens, I would love to talk about one of my favorite plants … Jasmine. This plant is especially known for its friendly shape and its intoxicating aroma.

The origin of the jasmine plant is Arabic. This would be introduced in Europe back in 1550, a few centuries ago they already enjoyed this charming perfume of one of the most aromatic plants.

Its scientific denomination is Jasminum Officinale, but usually or generally these plants are known by various names: Common jasmine, Moorish jasmine, White jasmine, Office jasmine, Summer jasmine or Jasmine.

If we don't get lost with so many names … better follow! This plant is classified as an evergreen shrub, belonging to the great family of oleáceas. Its flower is usually a beautiful white color, but we also find yellow, pink, and other species.

If you are intrigued to know how much you could measure, we tell you that between 4 and 6 meters in length … there are many types of spice, about 300 known and these have been divided between bushes and climbers.

One of the characteristics of this plant, for which we usually recognize it, is for its splendid and beautiful flower … in addition to its sweet aroma. The perfume is subtle at the same time intense.

This plant is widely used in cosmetics, such as perfumes and colognes. But not only is it here, Jasmine is also used in confectionery, to make drinks as a certain type of tea … and even here there is nothing left … it is also an ideal plant for the bathroom, its perfume fills containers of body gels and skin creams …

And if you think we have finished we tell you that in aromatherapy it is also widely used and, of course, it is also a great aphrodisiac …

Finally, we tell you another of its properties … physically it is ideal as a muscle relaxant and a good pain reliever. As a final note, it is also perfect as anti mosquito flowers.

To finish, and now yes, we tell you that its flowering tends to be at the end of spring and lasts until late autumn also ..

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