Plants for Christmas - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Plants for Christmas – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in our space we will talk about ideal plants to have or give away in Christmas.
Right now we are facing the dates that many people expect and we are here to give you great ideas that can help a lot with the decorative theme.
We love decorating with flowers! So here we leave some great suggestions to decorate our corners with plants or give them to our loved ones as a small gift.
The poster with the poinsettia, originally from Mexico, we usually see it everywhere at Christmas.
This flower represented the Star of Bethlehem and is characterized by its striking red color .. we will see it more beautiful in winter.
Remember that we must have them inside because they do not resist too cold, so it is almost a flower to enjoy during Christmas, then they usually wilt.
Another plant that we must take into account is the Holly, which is an important element in Christmas decoration.

It is characterized by the traditional colors of these dates, red and green. It is a plant from the Mediterranean basin. It is a protected species given its excessive use.
Finally we talk about Boxwood. This plant is a small evergreen shrub, which comes from the Mediterranean.
It is usually recognized for having a growth with many ramifications and quite dense .. widely used for sowing in pots.
This decorative bush, you can add balls, ribbons, red bows, pineapples, fruits … and other Christmas items for the coming dates.
This shrub usually blooms in late spring or early summer. Its wood is widely used to make sculptures or taxed.
We hope that these three different plants, help you in your decision to decorate the garden or your home with them .. or give them as a gift.

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