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Plants for shady environments

Good morning friends, I know that many of you want to cultivate some of your flowers favorites .. but at the moment of truth the terrace, the balcony or the area you want to decorate is completely in the shade.

We already know that many plants require sunshine, sometimes indirectly, for healthy and safe development. Today, for example, I have chosen two types of flowers different, which do not need large doses of sun to live.

If you have a space somber, these plants will grow wonderfully and not only this, but they will bring joy to this corner, thanks to their exquisite and vibrant colors.

One of the flowers called Impatiens Walleriana, also known as the Joy of the house is perfect. An excellent seasonal plant which, while the water is not lacking, is ideal to brighten up those gray and shady corners of our home.

Its color and luminosity make them perfect plants for balconies or terraces that do not give them the sun. You can find all kinds of colors, the Joy of the house It is reddish, but also includes salmon, roses and fuchsia.

You can find this plant in different varieties, and every day many more .. normally we will see the simple flowers, but there are also compound or mini plants.

Another great plant that you can integrate on the terrace or in areas of your garden where the sun is not very much .. is the Guinean Joy.. surely you've heard of her or ever seen her.

His scientific name is Impatiens Balsamina and it is characterized because its flowers are large and not very numerous. Similar to the Joy of the house, thanks to its colors the effects they create are delicious.

Perfect for elegant spaces, with a touch of joy.. you can choose between its different shades, even more so than the plant mentioned above.

The Alegría Guineana plant, can grow in shady environments, yes .. there is no lack of water .. but if we supply it in conditions, it is a plant that grows without problems, even if it does not give the sun.

Guinean joy

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