Plants for transit zones

Plants for transit zones

Good morning dear friends! Today in our space we will talk about some plants, ideal to put in places of passage.

Many of us would love to add some plants and flowers in passing areas. If you have a garden or a patio that you use and that has a lot of traffic, here are some plants you can use.

Remember that there is a huge range of possibilities to decorate a garden, but plants that can be incorporated into an area where you usually walk, there are few.

That is why today we want to help you, so that you have all your precious roads and the plants endure the daily traffic.

There are some species of plants that can survive in passageways and more easily support our weight and pace.

Among them we can talk about the Sagina Subulata, a perennial herb that does not usually lift more than 5 cm from the ground. Its flowers are white and it is a most resistant plant.

Alpine Alchemilla is a perennial plant, which spreads very easily. It belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Leptinella Squalidad, you may have heard of it .. it grows rapidly and is very resistant. It is a perennial plant that hardly needs care. Sun, shade and any type of soil.

Soleirolia Soleirolii is a plant that can grow between stones. The sun is not doing well. You need constant and moderate humidity.

Lysimachia Nummularia, is a perennial and creeping plant. Ideal for transit areas, we can obtain a variety that includes leaves in a beautiful golden color.

As you can see here we leave you some plants that will help us upholster our passage areas.

If you were looking for some ideas, here we leave you these plants that will surely help you in your purpose.

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