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Plants in glass containers

If you like plants but do not have the necessary place to have them in pots and much less you can dedicate meters of your garden to their cultivation there is an alternative: bottled gardens.

It's about a mini garden that is inside a glass container, a very original way to enjoy plants. In addition, in this way there is the possibility of growing much more fragile and delicate species that need a humid environment and a constant temperature.

A kind of microclimate suitable for growth is created in glass containers, with conditions similar to those found in a greenhouse. The light is received through the glass without being exposed to temperature changes or strong air currents that can cause them damage. In different specialized stores you will find many models and sizes, but you can also create the model you like best.

Between the different containers you can use a fishbowl or a glass jar, The most important thing is that it is transparent, avoid those with smoked or colored glass, since it will take away light from the plants.

The size of the container will depend on the species that we want to place, if the size is large you can put five or six small seedlings. Keep in mind that the mouth of the vessel must be large enough so that you can introduce your hand and thus manipulate them.

If the mouth of the container can be closed, you should open it periodically to renew the air and to avoid excessive water condensation.

So that your plants have a long life, preventing the roots from rotting, you should place a material at the bottom that allows adequate drainage, you can place 5 centimeters of pebbles and charcoal. The species that adapt to this type of crop are slow growing and small in size.

Irrigation is not usually a major problem, you just have to consider doing it infrequently, since water vapor condenses on the walls and falls into the ground.

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