Plants in Winter - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Plants in Winter – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in our space we will talk about the care of plants in the coldest months.

If you were looking for some tips to keep your plants in winter, here we leave you these most useful suggestions.

If you have fruit trees you will see that they have lost their leaves, so we must prune them to care for and maintain them. In this way they will develop optimally.

Harvest the latest fruits or vegetables, so we can leave some varieties of cabbage.

A vegetable that we can use as a decoration for the garden, are cabbages. These will provide the color to the landscape.

Now that we are in mid-November, it is the perfect time to grow fruit trees. If they still have leaves, get rid of them before proceeding to planting.

For those who have a pond, more or less large, it is time to remove the fallen leaves from the water.

It will also be necessary to clear or remove the old foliage formed in the waters. If it is very cold or you live in a place prone to frost .. try to keep your pond from freezing.

If you have fish, frogs or other marine life .. remember that they also need oxygen. To avoid this you can put in the water a piece of polystyrene, some tied rods or two tennis balls .. this will prevent your pond from freezing completely.

If you have flowers and plants decorating your home in the coldest months, try to water in moderation. If you have Fuchsias and Geraniums, try to have them inside the house.

If you were looking for a way to optimize your fruit trees and plants in your home, this is a good way to keep them longer.

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