Plants suitable for decorating the aquarium

Do you want to know some suitable plants to decorate the aquarium? The plants exert their functions, within the habitat that has been created for the types of fish we have. The decoration of the aquariums is very personal, depending on the aesthetic tastes of each of us.

Normally a layer of stones is arranged, to bury the objects and elements that are introduced into the aquarium. Something that is usually seen a lot are the plants, beautiful and radiant, underwater. But not all are the most suitable for them to live in an aquarium.

In the aquarium, you can put both natural and artificial plants (the latter do not require care, so they are very chosen) but, particularly, I prefer natural plants. A great plant, which you can add to the aquarium, is the Sword of the Amazon. You can plant it in groups and it is quite resistant to high temperatures.

Another ideal plant is to use Java Moss, since its high resistance to harsh conditions such as lack of lighting, low temperature or lack of fertilizer .. is perfect for people who do not have much time to devote to plant care.

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<p>I recommend that you use the Ceratopteris plant, especially for beginners. If this is the first time you decorate with a natural plant, remember that it is perfect for habitat with poor lighting and is very resistant to adversities.</p>
<p>Among many other plants, I recommend the water lawn. It is perfect for decorating, but it needs a lot of light and grows better in acidic or rather neutral waters. The ideal temperature is about 25 degrees, if you have patience you will see that it is beautiful.</p>
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