Plantas peligrosas

Plants that can be toxic

We will continue talking about the species that can be dangerous if they are in the garden, especially when there are pets or children. We advise you to read the previous article, in which we will refer to other very toxic spices.

American licorice
Scientific name Abrus precatorius
It is a species that belongs to the Fabaceae family. It has its origins in the mountains of Indochina and India, although it was also found in Africa and some areas of America. It develops perfectly in areas with sandy soil and near the beaches. It is known by far as Indian chochitos, peony, pepusa.

The toxic part of this species is the seeds, they have an alkaloid called abrina, which can be highly toxic (especially in children). In ancient times it was used to eliminate intestinal parasites but was fatal in most cases.

It is a plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family. They can grow to 1 or 2 meters high. This plant has alkaloids, among which flavonic glocosides stand out. Some grains of green fruits could lead to the death of a person, it is a very violent poison for rabbits, bovids and carnivores. In humans, it generates strong digestive disorders, vertigo, paraesthesia, decrease in body temperature, reduction of muscle strength.

Scientific name Nerium oleander
It is a shrub also known as garden laurel, baladre, trinitaria. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family. If it is found in suitable places, it can form a tree with a small, evergreen bearing. The leaves, flowers, seeds, branches are poisonous.

The poisoning caused by this plant is similar to digitalis intoxication. Between 4 and 12 hours after ingestion, gastrointestinal disorders begin to appear along with nausea and vomiting, the picture can continue with seizures, dyspnea, arrhythmia. In some cases the heart block is reached.

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