plantas sin flores

Plants that develop without flowers

Sometimes we see that lThe plants do not bloomThis can happen for different reasons, the most frequent is excess water or excess heat, in these cases the best thing you can do is change it, especially when the season is changing.

Let's keep in mind that flowering is very important for the development of plants, it is presented at the time of maximum maturity. But it only reaches flowering when it has satisfied its basic needs, such as light, temperature, water and food.

When something is happening with the plant, the first thing that is recent is flowering, so it is difficult for many indoor plants to bloom, especially when they are in a very artificial environment with poor lighting and poor ventilation.

If a plant does not give flowers surely it is not in the ideal place, so first of all you should change places, this is a good long-term solution, it is very likely that once the position in the next stage of flowering is corrected you will see its beautiful flowers.

In other cases, plants do not flower for natural reasons, for example, for a certain age, in the case of Azalea and the Anthurium need to mature before the production of flowers. This case is also that of Joy, which only gives flowers when the plant is thick with stems. There are other cases that can impair flowering, such as not respecting a rest period after flowering, this usually occurs in hydrangea, which needs low temperatures to get flowers to form for the next season.

It can also happen that the plants can form the flower buds but that they fall before they get formed, this can happen due to lack of light, moisture or irrigation.

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