Plantas peligrosas

Plants you shouldn't have in your garden

There are some plants that they can be dangerous to have them in the garden, especially if we have small children or pets that can touch or ingest them. In today's article we will refer to those species that are better not to have them, despite being very beautiful to look at.

Scientific name Ricinus communis
It is a bush with thick and woody stem, the leaves can have a dark purple red tone. Sometimes they can be covered with a white wax-like powder. The castor fruit is shaped like a balloon, it is covered with abundant spikes that give it the bristly appearance. The seeds of these fruits are very toxic, because they have a component called ‘ricin’. Its intake, even in small quantities, can be very dangerous for the body.

Scientific name Atropa belladonna
Belladonna is a very resistant shrub that belongs to the Solanaceae family. It has its origins in Europe and in North Africa. As with the Daturas, this type of plant is mentioned in many fables and myths.

It can be found in different accounts of ancient Egypt, in that civilization it was used as a narcotic, then the Syrians began to use it in order to avoid sad thoughts. In the Middle Ages, women trotted the fruits of belladonna under the eyes to obtain aesthetic benefits, their use generated a marked dilation of the pupils.

Belladonna is a poisonous plant capable of generating hallucinatory pictures and delirium. The danger derives from its alkaloids, such as hiosciamine, atropine, scopolamine.

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