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Poisonous plants: Beware!

Today I leave you with a small selection of species of poisonous plants. Remember that not all the plants you see are good, each one has its own characteristics and in addition to knowing which are the best to decorate and decorate our house and garden, we must also know which are the poisonous ones.

For our information there are many species that are, also do not usually sell it in all places or we see them every time we walk. But they exist, they are there and there is nothing wrong with knowing what some of them are. There are very common poisonous plants, which can cause discomfort, allergies (among other things) to both people and our pets, so be careful where you take your pets.

Given the intake, the inhalation or the contact that they have with them they can general itching, pizacón can fill us with allergy, pupae, eruptions and in some cases the death. There are effects that can be very negative, but if you know common plants that are common and you have them around your home, the list I put you can help you a lot.

A very common, but poisonous plant is Narcissus. As you can hear it can be seen in many places and, although it is not the most poisonous, it contains some toxins. If your animal eats them, it may cause certain symptoms in the intestine. Another plant like Dragontea, also known, is beautiful and there are many colors … but the fruits and berries it contains are also poisonous, so be careful with your children and your animals.

Hydrangea, another very common plant has hydragine in its leaves and flowers. This compound can poison people and animals, so be careful with it. Another plant much more poisonous than the ones I have left you is the one known as Ricino. Be careful, the famous oil is taken from this plant. But the seed of it is highly poisonous and can cause death. Some of the symptoms after your intake are vomiting, diarrhea and death … be careful what you have close to home!

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