Poppy Plant - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Poppy Plant – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Dear friends, we all know the Poppies… those little red flowers that … we have all ever drawn of little ones, with or without conscience, in the form of small red dots, along meadows and fields covered with mantles … and it is true, I do not know what it has This plant that many of us love!

That is why today we leave this little space, to talk a little about the poppy plant. We should know that it is also known by the name of Abadolbut its scientific name is Papaver Rhoeas. These plants grow in many areas, just need a lot of lighting and plenty of sun … with a good temperature poppies can develop perfectly.

Remember that the Poppy plant is quite versatile, we can find an extensive variety of flowers .. in many colors and different shapes. Among them we will see them large and small, of a thousand different colors and in many different places.

The Poppy It is very simple to grow, they are also resistant plants … although their appearance is that of a delicate flower. Think they can develop in almost any type of soil.

As we have said there are a lot of types of poppies, today we will not be able to see them all … but here we leave some of them to give you an idea.

The Common Poppy, is the one of a lifetime … that little plant of red flowers, of annual growth that we can see them in many places of warm climate.

The Iceland poppies They are also annual flowering plants. These Poppies have an exquisite perfume and if they ask you how are their colors .. we will see them in orange, red, pink, peach or in a beautiful white color.

The beautiful Oriental Poppies They are grown as perennials. They are very similar to the rest of poppies, but their appearance is very majestic, they are large and with large flowers.

The California poppy closes its petals at dusk and on certain dark days. The plant is very beautiful when it opens its petals, it seems to emanate energy. These plants also grow annually, leaving their seeds freely.

Finally we mention the Mexican Poppy of large white or yellow flowers. It grows in the warmest areas -by the southern US and Mexico-

Poppies are very beneficial plants.

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