Positive fungi

There are fungi that are beneficial for the garden and others that are harmful. The so-called Mycorrhiza is a fungus that allows to obtain benefits in the garden, they have the capacity to multiply by 100 the surface of the radical system in their contact with the ground, in addition it helps in the absorption of the water and the nutrients of the soil improve a lot.

Until recently these mushrooms were only seen in the gardens of professionals, now they can be seen in different gardens of the houses.

Mycorrhizae have the ability to group several species of fungi, which are very useful to help plants develop their tasks.

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<p style=In order for fungi to perform their task they must be in soils with high degrees of organic content. If the mushrooms are in an appropriate place, they will help your plant to develop faster, higher quality flowers and fruits.

Another advantage provided by good mushrooms is that prevent bad fungi from appearing, avoiding the appearance of diseases. Fungi (good and bad) cannot live together in the same place, if there is a good fungus in the place even if a bad one appears, it cannot kill it.

Keep in mind that fungi must feed and take care of the same as other care in order to obtain their benefits. It is important that you do not neglect your irrigation or fertilization so that they are always perfect.

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