Pots on the wall of your home

Good morning friends, today I leave a couple of ideas to fill the wall of your home with fun, different and very curious pots!

The best thing is that some of these pots can be very many years old and you can find them in antique stores, in some inheritance of your family or that you have found it.

As a pot you can use practically anything, especially if you prepare it well and if we know what we want to plant.

On this occasion I find it very curious to show you these two decorations so different and equal to each other.

Different since one of the walls has been used old coffee makers, and on the other wall what makes pot are a few old and used cubes, in different colors.

The game is not to change any item, that is, not to paint them or change them in any way … just clean them very well.

In some of them you must practice some holes so that the drainage is good … otherwise add plant species that do not have to be watered very often or that are completely water.

Anyway, these are just two examples of how to bring part of nature to your home … but in a somewhat special way.

In addition to having some sherds that were never used for this purpose, the final result that is sought is curiosity and somewhat vintage style.

If you like this type of style, it is true that you can use it and it will surely look great. Hanging these pots on the wall will make them the focus of attention.

Find your favorite plants or grow aromatic herbs, inside these pots .. they will also give a good smell to the environment.

I leave a couple of photographs so you have an idea of ​​what I mean. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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