Potted egg shells

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you these fantastic eggs transformed into authentic pots, with drainage and everything.

Surely you've ever seen this kind of pots, they are the most curious and also help you decorate your home.

Don't you know what to do to plant in a shell of egg? Don't worry, here I tell you what you have to do.

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<p>It is really much easier than we can think, although they seem so delicate that they can break the shell at any time … with patience we will see that they can be transformed into really curious pots.</p>
<p>In addition to the eggshells you can also decorate them to your liking, painting them or adding whatever you want. You can even leave it in the egg cups and add some signs saying what is planted or anything else.</p>
<p>There are people who include friendly faces, curious cartoons, great designs … all painted with a brush.</p>
<p>Make sure, when you're done, put the shells on a base where they don't tip over. This way you can put them wherever you want, even as a centerpiece.</p>
<p>It's easy … first of all, gather as many shells as you want, after eating eggs. Clean them well and let dry, reserve until you have all we want.</p>
<p>Try to break the shells in half and keep the largest part. Then, and once cleaned inside, you just have to get a pin.</p>
<p>You will use this pin to make a hole in the base of the pot. This way you will have the drain that the plant needs.</p>
<p>After this, take a spoon and add fertile soil. Bury the seed or add the cuttings and more soil .. so that it does not bend and grow well.</p>
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<p>Put everything in a base, so that it does not tip over and you can water when the plant needs it !!</p>
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