Potting fertilizer

Sometimes it seems a lie that a plant can develop as well and as beautiful in a space as limited as a pot, but it is so. When we have plants that grow in these places we must be very careful with respect irrigation and fertilizers that we place.

Liquid fertilizers should be placed during the spring at least twice a month, during the rest of the year it will be enough to place them only once a month.

Remember to put only the quantities indicated on the packages, Overdosing can be quite harmful to plants. Excesses are quite frequent in pots so it is necessary to take special care.

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<p style=One of the varieties of fertilizers that you can use is the one rich in potassium, which helps stimulate flowering.

During the spring it would be convenient for you to change the plant to a pot a little bigger than the one that grew the previous year. You should also change the compost by an upper layer of earth, between two and four centimeters. This will give you more space to grow.

You should not forget to air the soil of the pots, for that you can use some balls that are placed in the ground. They look like insect eggs, but in reality they are very good for plants.

Homemade fertilizers for plants:

  • Banana Peel: These crushed shells can give your pots a perfect vitamin intake. They contain the necessary minerals so that they can develop in the best way.
  • Coffee o eggshells: you can place the coffee remains on the floor (when they are cold) or the eggshells of the hard-boiled eggs.
  • Homemade fertilizers: in case you need subscriptions to azaleas or camellias, which need more acidity, you can place tea on the ground and mix it well.
  • Honey: Another excellent option is to use a spoonful of honey dissolved in cold milk, a good fertilizer so that the plants can develop strong.
  • Potato cooking water: When you cook potatoes do not throw water. When this liquid is cold you can use it to water your pots. Your trace elements can be good nutrients.

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