Potting Shed Creations. Sustainable Pots

Potting Shed Creations. Sustainable Pots

Friends, today we will talk about a great idea about sustainable pots. This idea was carried out by -Potting Shed Creations- Original, fun and above all ecological .. these sustainable pots have served as an idea for many current projects!

Recycling is every time an activity that many people join, perfect to take care of our planet. We can recycle almost anything either by extending life – restoration – or by transforming them into other objects with completely different functions … in this way we also lengthen life, create less garbage and take more care of the planet's health.

On this occasion we present you simple wine bottles, of the lifelong ones, turned into a completely ecological and sustainable product. These bottles contain aromatic herbs seeds inside .. ideal for use in the kitchen, to spice up all your dishes and add flavor and a very special touch.

Once the plant has been used for its various purposes and they die, we can reuse the container and grow new herbs by placing seeds inside what you like.

The bottle is made up of recyclable materials, wine bottles cut and translated into beautiful sustainable and very original planters … for social awareness.

If you want to get these nice recycled and sustainable planters, we can do it for about 35 dollars .. as you can see they are not very expensive. Replacement seeds cost about 6 dollars and there are different types.

With the bottles come some seeds ready to give the best of them and be used for cooking, to make infusions, tea … among these organic seeds we can find from basil, to mint … among many others.

Certified organic seeds with selections ranging from basil to mint are included. ”

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