Pouf with pieces of logs

Good morning dear friends! In today's space I leave you with these pouf or so striking seats made from tree trunks.

Easy to make and you will also be taking advantage of the wood. I found the attractive result quite curious and surprising.

With a few traces of wood, you may not use them at all .. here is an excuse .. make some outdoor seating.

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<p>You can also decorate all your outdoor areas, for example the pouf would combine well in the living room or in some room. Maybe at the entrance of the house, to put on or take off our shoes.</p>
<p>The best thing is that you can saw the log as you want .. this way the seats will be more or less high. Choose the length you need.</p>
<p>These great seats have two functions, in addition to serving as such and being moderately comfortable .. they give a great natural touch to the decoration.</p>
<p>If you want to make meetings in your outdoor areas, you can take out the seats or simply organize them there in a fixed way. If you do this, the fabric you choose should be resistant, outer fabric.</p>
<p>On the contrary if you choose to decorate the poufs, some interior rooms can change the type of fabric.</p>
<p>As seen in the images, they wanted to make these seats more comfortable by fixing some cushions on them.</p>
<p>These cushions or pillows you can make them yourself or simply paste one that you already have and see that combines well.</p>
<p>If you make your cushions you will only have to measure, cut the fabric, sew both sides and then fill the inside, before closing it completely.</p>
<p>You can fill with different materials, another ready-made cushion, fleece or even cotton! As you can see it is very simple, then you just have to fix the cushion to your new wooden seat.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=hahappenings

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