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Prepare an orchard in a few steps

If you want have an organic garden With little effort it is possible, you will see how your family will have the possibility of eating well without having to spend hours in the sun taking care of your crops. Keep in mind that you will not need much space or much effort. You will only need a small piece of land.

You won't need a big investment either. You will have to have a few terraces so that you can get good results, it is necessary to take into account the rotation, the correct use of organic fertilizers and a correct association of plants.

To start the task we must prepare the ground. It will be enough to remove the weeds, remove the stones and if there were small pieces of glass, from that moment the terraces can be established, which will have a margin of 30 and 40 centimeters between one and the other, which will allow You can walk among them without stepping on the plants.

Those who know a lot about the subject consider that it is not necessary to move the earth many times, you just have to integrate the lumps of earth with the natural soil and match the surface with a rake.

The fertilizers you are going to use must be organic, so you can enrich the land. You can create it in your own home using organic remains (such as eggshells, potatoes, ashes, fruit remains). You just have to place them on the ground evenly and then water. When you have placed them, and before sowing, you can cover them with plastic and let them act for a week to ferment and so they fertilize the earth faster.

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