Prepare your garden quickly – Ideas for gardens and decoration

We will tell you how, in a few steps, you can Prepare a complete garden. If you are one of the people who are lucky enough to have a place like a garden, we invite you to live the pleasure of having your own garden.

It is not necessary that the space be too large, all that is required is that you have enough sunlight During the day, remember that aromatics enjoy direct sun, but some species prefer to be in the middle shade.

When you have chosen the appropriate place, select the size of the garden, it can be square or rectangular. You must leave enough spaces to be able to move around to water, plow the land. In the case that you have a pet we advise you to fence the land so that they cannot dig the earth and to make their needs away from our food.

You must move the earth to be oxygenated and be softer. You can help yourself with a pillory, rake and shovel, it is very important that the place is free of grass and weeds. Only loose soil should remain.

Add some fertilized soil, each of the layers must have a height that does not exceed 10 centimeters high, you can fertilize the earth with food but the smell will not be pleasant, it will also attract flies and mosquitoes.

When the land is ready you will have to start sowing, you can try tomatoes, parsley, spinach, eggplant, these are the easiest species when it comes to their care.

The seeds they should not be placed very deeplyEach of the plants must be placed a considerable distance so they can grow without removing water and nutrients from other crops.

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