Prevent and eliminate rust in iron and wrought iron objects

Prevent and eliminate rust in iron and wrought iron objects

Iron pieces need periodic maintenance to be in good condition. Moisture is your main enemy and that is why it is important to know what protective treatments to apply or how to stop the advance of rust once the face has appeared.

Grilles and windows, fences, doors, knobs and handles, or even wrought iron outdoor furniture are pieces that accompany us outside the houses and we love them. But we do not stop to think about how to prevent rust until it appears, and at that moment we think that there is no longer a possible solution. False! Here you have a guide with complete care …

Clean iron objects

There are several ways to undertake iron cleaning according to its degree of dirt. Once the cleaning is done, the object cannot be packaged until one or two days have passed. Never store iron in damp rooms.

Little dirty. If you have a degree of dirt, say, low, you can pass a cloth with water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent or a cotton cloth with burning alcohol. It can also be rubbed with a green scourer and a few drops of oil to lubricate and it slides better or with a 00 aluminum swab.

With reddish crust. If a brown crust has already formed, then it is necessary to intervene more drastically, and pass a metal bristle brush, rub with 0 to 1 steel wire or rub with sandpaper of No. 60 with a few drops of olive oil.

Important crust. If the piece of iron is very neglected and the crust is already thick, then it is convenient to use a steel brush as an accessory of the electric drill for wide surfaces and a micro-ornament with barbed brush for the most remote or finely wrought areas.

Protect iron easily

Inside. Small decoration pieces and iron applications in furniture, etc. They are protected with microcrystalline wax applied in thin layers, which is cleaned with circular movements. It works by removing shine until it dries. The other option is to apply flaxseed oil with a cloth and give luster. It is a simple job that only requires patience in the application. Large pieces such as railings look great by applying graphite cream with a brush and then polishing with a cloth. They sell it in restaurant and craft stores and it is marketed under the name of Crema de Chaumont.

In the open. It is best to use a transparent antioxidant varnish or the classic orange minium coating. Then a semi-martelé paint in smoke gray or black is applied.

Paint the iron

Iron acquires a more neat appearance when painted. It is not advisable to do it in antiques or in wooden furniture fittings. But if this is not the case, two hands of synthetic enamel can be given on a new piece of metal after cleaning, degreasing and applying an antioxidant or lead lead primer. If the metal is already painted, then it is sanded well and the same proceeds. A proposal of the paint manufacturers to take into account are the ‘direct to the oxide’ enamels that already have enamel and primer all in one.

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