Pruning Tools - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Pruning Tools – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Friends, in today's article we will talk about some of the different tools that should be used when we go to prune our plants There are useful tools that are very different from each other that, knowing how to combine them, will help us make our plants healthy for their development.

If you need to prune small branches, which do not have great thickness .. we can simply use pruning shears .. there are several styles, each with its properties. Here we leave an image for you to distinguish.

But they will not always be small branches, if in your garden you have some trees you may need another type of tool to prune branches of a larger caliber. Remember that when a branch is greater than one centimeter thick, we will go to larger scissors, for example with a lever because these are much stronger .. Always remember to wear gloves.

When the branches are too large to use these last scissors, we will resort to the gardening saw .. with it it will not cost us to cut the branches.

If we have few species, we can prune by hand .. with our respective tools. Of course, pruning is a tiring job if we have too much to prune. All species are not the same, as some woods are extremely hard … this means that a cm thick is not the same in any shrub that, for example, in a vine … its resistance is very large.

Imagine that you have a lot to prune, if you do not want to reach your exhaustion, try to use power tools such as saws of this type … so we will save time and much effort.

Another thing to remember is that the type of cut we give to the branch should not be cracked, as this can spoil the species we are growing. If cracks remain, rot could settle on them.

The power tools have a more precise and correct cut .. there are also electric clippers that move with the help of batteries .. perfect if we do not have a plug at hand!

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