Pumpkin idea for Halloween

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with a great idea to use and decorate with pumpkins.

The pumpkin seems to be one of the great symbols or icon of Halloween and Halloween is approaching.

This time I leave you with a spectacular image of a pumpkin, turned into a vase … it's easy to make!

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<p>If you grow your own pumpkins or have bought some, for this special day … here is this idea.</p>
<p>One of many decorative options that can be made with the wonderful pumpkins, you choose whether you want to paint it or not, I give you the steps to know how they are made.</p>
<p>To turn a pumpkin into a vase … you need one of these pumpkins, the size you want. This one we see is rather small, to decorate a table for example.</p>
<p>The first thing is to remove the top, with a knife. As if it were a lid, cut the pumpkin.</p>
<p>Now take a spoon and go removing or removing all the pulp inside. This pulp can be used in your dishes, cooking it as you want.</p>
<p>Now let the pumpkin dry, when it is very clean, a few days. Then you just have to introduce, in the pumpkin, a glass that fits inside and can hold the flowers.</p>
<p>Then fill this glass with a little water and half aspirin. The latter will make the flowers last much longer.</p>
<p>Then choose the flowers you like best, they can be autumnal and cut the stems diagonally. Enter the flowers, however you like!</p>
<p>You can choose to put dried flowers, for a day like Halloween … if so, you don't need to add any glass inside the pumpkin.</p>
<p>This way you can decorate a table, you can even make several of these vases. A great idea for Halloween night.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=flowerduet

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