Put essence in your garden

Put essence in your garden

Good morning friends, in today's space we will talk about some tips if you want good taste to be found in this space. The garden is an area of ​​leisure, reflection, invites to rest … so, as long as we have a large garden, it is best to take a nice walk to walk quietly without stepping on the grass and others.

If you want to take care of your plants and flowers, it is best to make a beautiful path that takes us through all species, without damaging them. Also if you want to give an elegant touch to your garden, place some railings around bushes or trees.

Remember that it is important to delimit the paths, we can do this gently with beautiful compositions of flowers and plants such as roses, foxglove, sunflowers, lavender … try the brightly colored flowers.

To innovate, nothing better than introducing new species into the garden … make great designs based on colors and shapes … for example you can add evergreen species such as domestic Nadina, they are very durable plants.

Some people prefer to put a perennial plant for every three deciduous plants, this is not something we have to follow .. but it is good to know how some landscaping advice works.

But there are also those who prefer to have a more homogeneous garden and therefore do not introduce too many colors and prefer evergreen plants.

Each of us has different personalities, with their different tastes … so we cannot follow a strict rule regarding garden design.

Remember that if you want green areas using the latest trends you must learn to harmonize your garden … and that entails doing it also in the house, even with the landscape that surrounds us, the environment … although this should not become the only criterion, it is only Something you can count on.

Get new colors, new species and sizes, new places to locate plants, try to make a walk or several if you have a garden that is too big and, whenever you want to be fashionable, find out about the latest plant trends.yes you know! If you want to have the latest trends in your garden, whether indoor or outdoor, we must get new decorative colors, new species, sizes, places to locate plants … All this must be taken into account if we want to follow what is fashionable in Vegetable fashion

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