Re-use Rainwater

Re-use Rainwater

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and gardens, we will love to tell you about rainwater and its possible reutlization to water our garden.

If you have a garden or have plants on your patio, terrace or on your balcony .. you should know that rainwater can be reused and we will save.

We see how, many people are increasingly aware of the help our planet needs, which in turn has an impact on ourselves … in this way we try that in matters of decoration and garden care, sometimes add recycling components, New ideas, strategies, new accessories.

Thanks to new trends, they also help us understand and be more aware of what our planet needs. In addition, recycling, restoring and reusing becomes one of the most economical ways to decorate and take advantage of certain things.

The idea of ​​reusing rainwater is quite profitable, and so we will not spend a single drop of water and thus be able to water the plants, the lawn, the garden taking advantage of everything.

In the event that you have how to collect rainwater or have a roof gutter in your house, just where a large bucket ends up … this way we will collect it.

Once we have the bucket full, we can add an additional hose and thus drain and expel the water that goes from the bucket to the earth itself.

If you want to carry out this magnificent option and take advantage of all the rainwater .. what we are going to need is some buckets, some hoses with stopcock and insert the gutter in the same bucket with some support so that it does not come out .. although we can also make a hole right in the lid of the cube.

We will seal this hole with electrical tape, for example and that's it … It's a great idea to recycle water and so water the plants quietly.

Ingenious, easy and economical ..

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