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Recycled cans to decorate the garden

Recycled cans are transformed into cute little bugs with which to decorate part of some of our outdoor areas. This time little friends like the ladybugs or the wasp has come to visit us, but … don't worry! They are just cans of soda or food.

A great idea to liven up your outdoor areas is to add accessories or flashy elements, this time it is perfect for children … and birds, since the hole they have can be used to enter and leave as they please. It is an idea to put these little bugs under some tree in the garden or in a yard.

In this way, in the shade and hanging from a branch, the recycled cans are transformed into a bird house or simply a decorative resource, preferably to be placed during a children's event. The idea is as good, as easy … yes, when painting it the better we do, the better the result.

On this occasion there are two cans, which have been washed very well of food, dust and other remains. Once rinsed and dry we proceed to make the corresponding holes. You can make one at the end of the base and leave the other side open for the birds to enter. Then award a character and paint the can as you wish.

In the case of the nice ladybug the bottom of the can is painted black and then a band has been made in red, with black circles on the body. You can mask the areas you do not want to be painted and reserve them to give a touch in another color. It has also added some glued eyes, since they are stickers (you can choose them mobile) Use paint for metal, when you go to paint … if you want it to last longer.

To make the wings, just add a rest of the wire, not too thick and shape a small racket. Fix the wire inside the can, so that it does not fall and then make the other wing (an idea is to join both wires to help themselves) If you have any mesh or even a stocking you can put it to simulate the plot. Finally, with a couple of holes in the upper area, add another wire or rope and ready to hang. Remember that all holes must be made when you have painted the can, or if you don't do it carefully.

Photo: stockpilingmoms

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