Recycled Flowerpot - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Recycled Flowerpot – Ideas for gardens and decoration

If they ask you what to do with a milk carton used? most of us will say throw it away or throw it in recycling bins … but today we will see a great idea to recycle in a very curious way those typical cartons of milk that we all have at home.

The idea is to get several cards and so we will have when we finish a few planters that we can decorate and place in our favorite corners.

The idea is from Camilla Fabri and her blog Family Chic … nice and creative idea that will help us recycle those milk cartons that we have at home.

We fill them with flowers and decorate them as we like best. Now that the heat has arrived, you will surely decorate your house with new or recycled things … well with this idea we will provide color strokes to our home.

With the result we can decorate a great table, as a fresh and ideal center, we can also place them on the terrace or balcony … in a window … and wherever you see you need a little joy.

This time do not throw away your cards and take advantage of them to introduce flowers! The idea in practice is very simple, first take the cardboard and cut out the top part … according to the plant you want to put in, the height of your real pot … so we will cut the cardboard.

Just take some scissors, gardening if you have, and cut the entire area above. Once we have removed it, wash the cardboard in conditions … no residue left.

Now we are going to cover it, for this we can use what comes to mind as wrapping paper, wallpaper, fabric that we have at home and we want to take advantage of it, cotton or a bandage. In this case, a bandage has been chosen, it has been made 2 cm wide strips.

When you have the strips made, go sticking them to the cardboard with the help of a strong glue, so we will prevent it from taking off over time.

The time has come to choose the small pots that we are going to introduce inside the cardboard. Before doing so if you are going to plant the seed, go preparing the soil, if you are going to do a transplant, do the same and if you do not choose any flower that you like, that you have already grown or that you buy it.

Insert this pot into the cardboard, to finish and not see the edge of the milk carton .. we will try to add some moss and distribute it well so that the result is much more attractive.

Remember that nothing happens because the inside of the cardboard gets wet, remember that you are prepared for it. We can always remove the pot clean and replace if we do not want to keep standing water and ready!


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