Recycled tables for rustic styles

Good morning friends, in today's space we give you a great idea to give our homes that natural point we are looking for.

Here, in decoration and gardens, we love nature … that's why we always look for solutions and alternatives to decorate every corner of our home.

Today I ran into these photographs and I love it! I see tranquility, peace and also in one of them a great recycling.

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<p>In the photographs we see as elements of natural material, they have adapted to the decoration of each of the rooms.</p>
<p>In one of the photographs we see how a simple and simple pallet has been transformed into a rustic table .. perfect for other types of styles, too.</p>
<p>With a treatment, a little paint, some wheels and a glass … what was an old pallet we have at home as a coffee table … just great!</p>
<p>In the following photograph you can see how two tree stumps are incorporated into the room. The wood is beautiful to combine with the stone, if you also add this touch .. it will be a most attractive stay.</p>
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