tambor de lavadora utilizado como maceta

Recycled washing machine drum as a pot

Was the washing machine damaged? now you can use the drum of it, to recycle it and use it as a pot. It is a great idea and above all great, since the resulting pot is a good size. Ideal to spend parts of your washing machine, this can put the pot in the garden and paint, for a totally different look.

We have seen many articles can be transformed into beautiful pots, pots and planters … as you car wheels do you remember? Well, the drum of the washing machine is another great option to consider. The truth is that decoration is something of the most curious, don't you think?

Although it may sound weird, you can create a good container with the washing machine drums. Whenever you clean them well, remove the lime and other impurities. Then you just have to put it pretty well, add the color that you like and make a drawing or if you want to polish and leave your own color. It is essential to think about the type of paint to be used, as it will depend on the material of the drum of the washing machine.

You also have to take into account if this drum is going to decorate your garden, the terrace … that is, some of your outdoor places or you want to introduce it to set your interior spaces. Then on the paint color, you can choose some beautiful and vibrant colors for this summer and give much color to your space.

You can also think about choosing more sober tones, neutral colors or a combination of everything a bit. If you are good at drawing, after drying the paint you can draw something you like. An idea is to make us with effect paints, there are many varieties in the marking… some with an oxide finish, others in bronze, metallic and many more.

washing machine drum used as pot 2

Finally, enter the plants you want, to locate your drum washing machine transforming into a pot wherever you want This is one more idea to take advantage of something you can have at home and do not serve. What do you think?

Photo: instructables; throughthegardengate

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