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Red plants for the garden

When we are going to make a flowerbed for our garden It is very important that we define the colors we want to see in advance, many choose to have multicolored flower beds, others prefer that they have only one color and within it vary the hue.

Once you have chosen the color you can start choosing the species. In this article we will advise you which plants you can place to those who want to have their garden with red or pink flowers.

Another point that must be taken into account is the way in which the flowers will be placed, always the highest should be placed in the back and the lowest in front. This is a technique that can be used to delimit the roads or simply to place in a corner.

For those who live in a coastal area one of the best options is the Armory, a plant that gives bloom during spring and summer. It has the ability to grow between rocks and in the rockery area. For its development it needs to be placed in full sun and the irrigation must be moderate.

He Sedum It can grow in areas where the climate is drier and warmer. The same as the Armory It can develop in areas of rockery and curbs. You need to be in full sun and with very little watering.

If what you are looking for is a plant that has a lasting plantation nothing better than the Bellis This species has a flowering that reaches the end of autumn, resisting the first cold very well. It can grow in rockery areas. You need to be in an area with a little shade and your watering can be moderate.

The Potensilla It has small pink flowers. It is a species that is characterized by not being affected by pests. It is ideal for dry climates with well drained soils. It needs to be in the sun.

Other plants of red or pink flowers that can be placed for the decoration of your garden are: carnations, anemone, Onagra, Daphne.

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