Red spider? How to remove it from your plants

Red spider? How to remove it from your plants

Do you have a red spider pest? These pests are common in many plant species. Many times they appear in plants that we have in indoor areas, but it does not mean that they cannot affect outdoor crops. These spiders have no preference, they can feed on many types of plants.

To eliminate them, you can follow some tips that I leave you and thus get rid of them once and for all. Something that if you can do is water your plants, usually if the plants get more moisture, the red spider will not attack it. So increase the frequency of your irrigation, without flooding the specimen.

If your plant is located in the garden, you can use a pressure hose to water the area. This you must do several times a week, so you will eliminate the plague because they do not hold water and moisture. Of course, try not to flood the ground is to increase irrigation only.

Another tip I leave you is to prune the plants from time to time. It is essential, to avoid this and other types of pests, to eliminate any leaf that is infected, fallen or looks bad. If you do this in time you prevent pests and if the plant is already infected, you prevent it from spreading to other species.

Finally you can apply some insecticides, if they are natural better .. it is better to avoid using chemicals with our specimens, let us cause the opposite effect and the plant dies. You can also make your own homemade insecticide with an atomizer and eliminate the red spider.

Remember that it is better to prevent healing, so monitor your plants well. So when there are fallen leaves eliminate them and have a regular watering (depending on the species) in this way you will prevent this and other pests from sitting on your pretty flowers. If there is already a bug … avoid it becoming a plague by following the advice I have given.

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