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Remember to remove the leaves from the garden

With the arrival of autumn many trees that we have in our garden begin to lose their leaves, this generates an extra work that must be done almost mandatory.

Chlorophyll is responsible for giving the beautiful green tone to the leaves, it is absorbed by the plants and keeps it as a reserve to keep alive the months of low activity. This happens when begin the first cold, for that reason the leaves come off generating a large carpet of different and beautiful tones.

While it is true that the leaves can reach protect the grass Frost preserving moisture can bring certain inconveniences.

Wet leaves that are on a muddy floor can become a slippery surface, with all the problems this can cause a person. In addition, when they fall on the tender shoots of the pastures generate rot.

If we plan to leave them on the lawn until they become compost the leaves would end up suffocating and killing the lawn. The shortness of breath and the fact of not receiving light can cause large brown spots on the grass that, not only are unsightly, but also generate the appearance of fungi, insects and many diseases.

Cleaning your garden is a task that can become easy if you have the necessary tools, such as a rake or a broom, trash bags and even a leaf vacuum. Performs cleaning by zones, sweeping and forming small piles. You can pick them up in bags or place them in a compost that you have made in your home.

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