Roof Insulation

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with a good idea, for roof insulation.

If you are worried about your roof and want to keep it in perfect condition to avoid waterproofing problems, it is to solve this with good insulation.

Therefore, there are many concerns, of certain companies, to use and create better plate systems, which are placed under the tiles.

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<p>Said plates have been designed to be located between the base of the roof itself and said tiles. They work perfectly holding the rails which support the tiles.</p>
<p>Normally they usually have nice wavy shapes, which allow the easy conduction of water, when it rains, through the canals … until reaching the gutter.</p>
<p>It is not necessary to apply a mortar to place it, if it is light it can be handled very easily. In addition, maintenance work is reduced, since the plates are quite resistant and have a double insulation system.</p>
<p>To all this is added the ability to adapt to different forms of roof … as it is prepared for all types of tiles.</p>
<p>To install all this, you must put the support crossbars, for the roof tiles. These are going to provide the water to look for the corresponding channels, if there is a leak… thus saving the areas of support of the battens.</p>
<p>Good insulation for the roof is essential, if you do not want to have filtration and moisture problems.</p>
<p>Remember to add a good insulation to your roof, if it is made of plates it will surely be much better. Remember that these plates are special to adapt to your type of roof.</p>
<p>They are easier to install and have the property of protecting the roof with a double insulation function.</p>
<p>I hope you like this idea as much as I do. Greetings to all our readers!</p>
<p>photo: llentab</p>
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