Rustic Centerpiece

Hi guys, today I leave you with this great centerpiece made of wood. Perfect and rustic, to decorate almost any surface. The truth is that I love the result to put them in a party or banquet.

You can also see it as a complement to environments and decorations of more rustic styles. In this case a piece of wood, you can change the look of an entire table.

As you see the interior decoration, you can also base it on nature. If you like to decorate with plants, include the ones you like best in a piece of wood.

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<p>They do not need to be the same, it will be impossible … because if you do it at home, it must be made of natural wood.</p>
<p>Each one has to be different in his style, but more or less with the same proportions. If the table is long, you can spread the pieces of wood along.</p>
<p>Theirs is that you make a hole in the center, where you can include the plants and flowers you want. You can put them with soil and transplant them or with a little water.</p>
<p>Add ferns, roses, herbs, lavender or whatever you like. Remember that you can make them as large or small as you want and also the units you need.</p>
<p>A small vase that becomes a beautiful centerpiece. You can also do one or two and put it on the shelf.</p>
<p>for outdoor tables are also perfect. Remember, also sand the edges well to eliminate all possible splinters.</p>
<p>Do as many as you want, then you can paint them the color you like best. You can also respect nature, the color they have and apply only a varnish to protect it and give it shine.</p>
<p>To respect the betas of the wood, you can also use wood dye .. or even apply paint but in small quantity and only one layer.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=imsaid

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