Rustic style terrace. Hanging table

Rustic style terrace. Hanging table

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We would love to make a new proposal to take advantage of this outdoor space.

If you like rustic decoration, you will surely love the idea we have in mind today. Especially for DIY lovers, we propose an original terrace and also with a great final appeal.

This time we propose a coffee table, pendant! Yes, in this way we can enjoy our terrace with a table, well held, but that will be the center of all eyes.

A fabulous idea that we can put into practice both on a terrace and in the garden. If you like original furniture, if you have a wooden board and do not know what to do with it .. now you can recycle it giving it more life.

It is not very complicated, but if you are a little better than better .. then we do not want any fright. A table of these characteristics can leave us for very little money if we take advantage of some tables that we have or some previous table, that we want to take away the legs.

To create a terrace of the most exotic, this time a wooden board has been taken .. the size will depend on how large your terrace is .. we can adapt it if it is more or less small.

The board should be sturdy, we will also need carabiners to hold, rings and some very strong ropes.

We just have to take the rings and place them on the ceiling, measure well and see where you want to place the table .. once done, place the other rings in the corners of the chosen wooden board, or where you think it is convenient.

Now take the rope and cut as you need, depending on the height you want the table to be. Now take the carabiners and tie them by hooking them to the rings above and also to the ones below.

Make sure that the rope is very tight and that the board is heavy, in this way we will prevent it from swaying .. it is a fairly easy idea to make and we will bring a unique and exotic touch to our outdoor areas.

Remember that all the materials we use must be suitable for outdoor use, otherwise they could be damaged by rain and certain weather agents.

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